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Easton Taylor
Easton Taylor

Polaroid Love BEST

From 'out of the chart' to reaching new peaks day by day, fans and even non-fans have fallen in love with how good 'Polaroid Love' sounds, and even becoming a trend on various social media platforms. 'Polaroid Love' is a B-side track from the group's latest album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER,' which was initially released on January 10.

Polaroid Love

I have always been a huge fan of Polaroids, so I was devastated when they stopped making the film. Naturally, I scoured eBay and bought up six packages of expired film to use with my giant, but awesome, Polaroid 600 camera that I inherited from my parents. Just as I was down to my last package of film, The Impossible Project did, well, the impossible! They have just begun manufacturing new Polaroid film for us photography lovers to buy. Yippee!

I am totally in love with the trend of having a photo booth at your wedding or renting old cameras so that your guests can snap candid moments from your day. Now that Polaroid film is back, you can go crazy!

I went to work cutting and punching out the shapes of my camera using a fab dotty Bailey paper and a bold sheet of the Bailey scalloped pink paper to add some pop. I cut a line into my pink paper using a craft knife and slid in a striped sheet of Lola paper to act as my rainbow polaroid. 041b061a72




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