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Where Can I Buy Lacrosse Boots ##TOP##

Taking pride in their work and long tradition in their craft, the makers of LaCrosse boots employ advanced technological processes and innovations to produce top-notch boots for people who will push them to their limits. Hunters, farmers, and others who spend long days on their feet can all find the LaCrosse boot to meet all their needs.

where can i buy lacrosse boots

Striving to satisfy the needs of customers of different profiles, LaCrosse boots vary in their looks and features, as well as the materials used in their production. While they are famous for quality rubber boots, they also use leather and other materials in the production of footwear for different purposes.

Having the needs of a modern hunter in mind when designing hunting boots, LaCrosse offers several different hunting boot models to meet the specifics of all types of hunting grounds. If you are looking for a pair of boots for this purpose, LaCrosse is arguably a top choice for you.

LaCrosse hunting boots are made of top quality, scent-free rubber combined with neoprene, in order to provide you with all the durability, stealth, and insulation you need during a long and tiring hunt.

In our collection of LaCrosse boots, you can also find insulated rubber work boots suited for all types of heavy-duty jobs in harsh weather conditions. Whether you need protection against the cold, moisture, a heavy load, or slippery surfaces, you can find the right boot for the job here.

The waterproof materials used in the production of LaCrosse work boots, combined with the optional composite toe and metatarsal guard and insulation of different thickness, promise to deliver in terms of protection, comfort, and warmth wherever and for whatever purpose you decide to wear them.

As far as multipurpose rubber boots go, the sheer quality and modern footwear technology LaCrosse boots offer are hard to match. Hunters who wear them value their lasting durability, comfort, slip-resistance, and insulating properties. At the same time, workers in all types of heavy-duty industries rely on them every day to keep their feet safe and protected from the elements during long shifts.

Ultimately, LaCrosse boots tick all the important boxes when it comes to quality outdoor footwear. Whatever challenge your feet are put up against throughout the day, you can find the pair of LaCrosse boots with the right features to meet and exceed all your needs.

Overlook Boots is your one-stop shop for high-quality work boots and apparel at affordable prices. Our selection of work, western, hunt and dutry boots is unmatched. We are a family owned business with strong values. The entire Overlook Boots team takes pride serving the hard working men and women of this country.

LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. is Japanese-owned company based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1897 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, the footwear company moved to Oregon in 2001 where its Danner Boots subsidiary was based. In 2012, the company, which previously had been publicly traded, was bought by Japanese-based ABC-Mart.

The IPO went ahead in April 1994, raising nearly $18 million with a stock symbol of BOOT. LaCrosse bought footwear maker Lake of the Woods in June 1997 for $6.5 million.[4] Company revenues had grown to $138 million for fiscal year 2000.[2][5] The company closed its US-based manufacturing for the namesake brand in July 2001, and later that year moved its headquarters to Portland in order to consolidate operations and take advantage of the concentration of shoe companies in the Portland metropolitan area.[2][6] Later that year, it also reported the first quarterly profit since 1999.[7] In 2010, LaCrosse opened a new factory in Portland for its Danner brand,[8] which helped it earn a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense in September 2011 for making boots for the Marine Corps.[9][10]

In July 2012, ABC-Mart of Japan purchased LaCrosse for $20 per share.[10][11] ABC-Mart, a Tokyo-based retailer, had approximately 800 stores in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.[8] LaCrosse hoped to use those distribution channels to expand their brand in Japan where the company's US made boots were popular.[11] At the time of the announcement, LaCrosse had 300 employees in Portland,[12] and no layoffs were expected.[10] The deal was finalized in August, with LaCrosse then becoming a private subsidiary of ABC-Mart/Japan.[13] President and CEO Joseph Schneider then left the company in September 2012.[13]

The company manufactures boots and other footwear primarily for those in agriculture, hunters, construction workers, and for the outdoors.[2] Other products include rubber boots for farm and hunting, all manufactured in Asia.[2]

Lacrosse, Work, Outdoor and Hunting Boots for men. Find the highest quality made boots from Lacrosse Footwear. Lacrosse creates boots for all of your outdoor activities including premium steel toed work boots and premium hunting boots. Find a pair of Lacrosse Boots today with Rogan's Shoes. Free Shipping Orders $49.99+ Flat Rate $5 Shipping for Orders Less Than $49.99.

Officials said LaCrosse Footwear and its Danner factory would continue operations in Portland, where the company employs about 300 of its 400 workers. LaCrosse was founded in Wisconsin in 1897, purchasing Portland-based Danner Boots (founded in 1932) in 1994 and moving the combined company there in 2001.

Whether set up on the same tree for hours or running and gunning, LaCrosse Grange boots are built for turkey hunters. Comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, these boots will keep you dry and in the field for the long hours often required to tote out a longbeard.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces the following recall in voluntary cooperation with the firm below. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Name of product: Polar and Trailblazer Work BootsUnits: About 8,400 Manufacturer: LaCrosse Footwear Inc., of Portland, Ore.Hazard: The protective toe cap on the boots may not provide sufficient impact and compression protection. This could result in crushing, bruising, or other injury to the wearer's foot. Incidents/Injuries: None reported. Description: The Polar and Trailblazer style boots were sold in black or brown with the company name "LaCrosse" written on the side of the boot. The boots have the style name "Polar" or "Trailblazer" and one of the following style numbers on the inside of the tongue of the boot: 693100, 00693100, and 466000. Only these style numbers are included in this recall. Sold at: Independent sporting goods, farm, work and shoe stores nationwide as well as through safety distributors. Boots were sold from June 2002 to July 2004 for between $67 and $110. Manufactured in: China Remedy: Consumers should stop using the boots immediately and contact LaCrosse to receive a store credit toward the purchase of a new pair of boots. Consumer Contact:For more information, call LaCrosse Footwear at (800) 890-3505 between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, send an email to, or write to LaCrosse Footwear Recall Department, 18550 N.E. Riverside Parkway, Portland, OR 97230, Attention: Polar/Trailblazer Protective Toe Recall. Consumers also can visit the LaCrosse Web site at

A barbed wire fence was the initial hurdle, and after that we needed to hurry to get to the top of a nearby hillside to glass down into the field. A quick look through my Leupold binoculars showed that there were deer on their feet, and they were headed right where we expected them to go. With last light approaching, I dipped into a nearby gully and started working my way down toward shooting range. It was a modest descent with tricky sidehill footing, but my boots handled everything I threw their way. I made it with time to spare, but there ended up being no shooter bucks present that evening. Had there been, however, I was certainly in the right position.

In general, expect Lacrosse boots to run true-to-size. Sizing and fit is something this company does very well in my opinion. Not only do almost all of their boots run true-to-size, many of them are very easy to get on and off, and have adjustable straps for secure fit.

Although my Lacrosse boots run true-to-size, if you are naturally in between sizes, I would recommend sizing up just so you have a bit of extra room to get your feet out of these boots. The snug fit is essential in helping to keep your foot warm and dry while working, but for the traditional style that simply pull on/off, getting them off is a bit of a struggle.

If you want to avoid the on/off struggle, just buy one of their pairs of boots that have the adjustable backside gusset for easy on/off. That said, I wear my normal sizing in these Lacrosse boots and the fit (and boot itself) are very comfortable and easy to work in.

Personally, I love the feel and dependability of Lacrosse boots. I mainly use mine for outdoor work in wet conditions. I know there are other quality brands of neoprene boots on the market, but I will be sticking with Lacrosse.

These boots are insulated and really do keep my feet warm in wet/cold conditions. I actually use these boots to shovel snow as well. They are dependable and check all the boxes (waterproof, warm, well-made etc).

In conclusion, I strongly recommend Lacrosse boots as a go-to work and outdoor boot. Mine have stood up well over 5+ years and I feel like they still have decent life left in them. For my region (Kansas), they keep me warm during the cool winter months and provide waterproof support when I need to work outside. 041b061a72




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