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Easton Taylor
Easton Taylor

Primavera P6 Tutorial Free Download Pdf 'LINK'

Primavera P6 Costing - some gotchas Last year I published a basic Primavera P6 cost tutorial. I can't count the number of questions Ive answered since then. Some people like to use LIFO but I got a bunch of questions about how to turn your database on its head so that all costs are done in reverse order. Turns out that its a Read more

primavera p6 tutorial free download pdf

In this tutorial I'll show you how to organize your Primavera P6 database in a way that makes your reporting easy and consistent. The ultimate goal is to train you to never spend 30 minutes in a row staring at a Primavera P6 printout trying to find out what's going on. You'll need the Activities view to find all project activities and the Workorders view Read more

If youve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I think its best to use Primavera P6 as the source of truth. That means when you make a change to an activity or task, chances are good you want to make sure that changes are reflected everywhere in your schedule and materials. And because those materials can be quite detailed on projects, youll want to be able to Read more

How to set up Primavera P6 to create a break-down-by-effective-duration report of all activity durations and activities for a project How to set up Primavera P6 for a "Projecto Calendario P6" creation while outputting project duration and effective duration based on activity duration. I'm not sure why this isn't included in Primavera P6, but I haven't looked at the planning Read more

Have you ever had a Primavera P6 situation where all predecessors of an activity are 100% complete but the activitys Start date isn't pushed to the Data Date as expected Similarly, you might also see the activity'sFinish date is much later than the it's remaining duration from Data Date If you answered yes then this quick tip might help you find the offending activity cause these Read more




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